Cool Summer Hats For Men For This Summer

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It’s that time of year when all the rich and famous people descend upon the Hamptons and look glamorous. The rest of us may be at work or pushing kids on the swing, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have our time in the sun too. The important thing with being in the sun is protection! The sun and the UV rays that it emits can cause a host of problems, from early aging and age spots to the much more serious skin cancer. While vanity always plays a part, we need to take our health into consideration when we go out in the sun.

The sun can fade your hair color, burn your skin and age your face. Choosing the best summer hats is important because if you don’t like how it looks, you won’t wear it. There are all different kinds of headgear to keep you cool and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Here are 4 cool summer hats for men for this summer:

Summer Fedora Hat

Summer Fedora Hat - Cool Summer Hats For Men

Straw fedoras are everywhere! They offer a bit of protection for your face, but they do have a small brim. The straw makes these hats good for the heat as the air can circulate through it. Wear it with sunglasses, rolled up jeans and a tiny tank top for the full movie star effect. These summer fedora hats for men and women are everywhere from Target to to Macy’s.

Military Style Hats

Military Style Hats - Cool Summer Hats For Men

Designed somewhat like a baseball cap, these hats offer protection from the sun because of their brims. Some of them even have a pocket on the top for I.D.! They can look edgy and chic with anything from a bathing suit to a jean jacket and dress. You can find these men’s summer hats at Carhartt’s, Amazon, UnderArmour and Gander Mountain.

Fishing Sun Hat

Fishing Sun Hat - mens summer hats

What used to be reserved for grandfathers and babies, the fishing cap has come into its own. Adopted by MLB and NFL, you can find your favorite teams and all kinds of funky colors.

Wide Brim Summer Hat

Wide Brim Summer Hat - mens summer hats

The Ooh-la-la of resort wear, this hat can cover you with a brim from anywhere to two inches to eight inches. Look for one that is packable. Add a Mai Tai and you are ready for summer!

These are the best summer hats for men, anyone can choose in this summer.

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