Choosing Your First Bra: Tips and Guidelines

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The teenage phase of a girl’s life is very crucial and sensitive as it brings many physical changes to her body.

Girls, stay confident and embrace these changes in a positive way by making the right decisions. The very first change, you can notice is in your breast size which indicates that it is the right time to shop for your first bra. But choosing the right bra for the initial stage is not easy as this is totally new for a beginner. Don’t ever hesitate to discuss your opinion with your mother because she is the one who will understand your feelings and help you in knowing about the importance of different styles of bras varying from shelf to sheer bra.

Here are the brief guidelines and tips which will help you to choose your first bra:

Measure Your Breast Size

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Right size measurement of your breast can help you buy your first super comfortable bra. Basically bra size is the combination of band size and cup size. Sizes can be measured with a simple measuring tape in inches and centimeters. Band size is the size of the area under your breast touching your ribcage and all around your back. Cup size means the size of the fullest part of your breast.

Just use a tape and move around your ribcage and back under your breast for measuring band size.

And move around the tape over the fullest part of your breast and also around back to measure cup size. Don’t dig in the tape instead place it firmly and flat on the skin.

Once you get your band and cup size you can use an online bra size calculator to know your exact size or you can have a word with the salesperson in the shop before buying your bra.

Do measure your size after every six months as your breast size changes initially.

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Try it in a Right Way

Never buy a bra without trying it. As trying, make you understand which style suits your body shape and offers you the right amount of support and comfort. Wear a t-shirt when going out for bra shopping as it will give you an idea about shape and size you get after wearing a kind of bra even under a thin fabric. Avoid the bras whose straps are digging into your skin, if gaps between the cups are too big, and if boob bulging from top appears.

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Types of Bras

No matter if your size is small or large, the lingerie market has a variety of bras for beginners. Choose according to your need and occasion:

  • The shelf bra is best for starting phase as it makes you habitual of wearing something around your breast comfortably. There are many colors and design available in the market in this bra style.
  • Sports bra offers a great support and coverage when you are out for adventurous activities, gym, and running. You can choose from various vibrant colors according to your taste.
  • Bralette is a kind of bra which is more stylish and trendy than a simple shelf bra. They offer proper shape and coverage to your breast. Many trendy and sexy bralettes are available in the market from leading brands.

Other types like padded, underwire, push-up, and sheer bra are also available in different sizes and colors making you feel fabulous and feminine.

Good Luck!

Jennifer Saylor is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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